Cotabato Light issues fire safety tips

Mon Mar 20, 2017  •  0
by: Arlene Valdez-Hepiga, Cotabato Light branding and corporate communications staff
COTABATO CITY – The Aboitiz owned Cotabato Light and Power Company (Cotabato Light) today offered tips to all power consumer under its franchise area how to avoid conflagration as the country..

The Fire Extinguisher

Sun Mar 5, 2017  •  0
by: PanahonTV
One of the most important preventive measures against fire is having an extinguisher and knowing how to use it.As we propagate safety and preparedness in the upcoming holiday season, it is important..

"Undas" driving tips

Fri Oct 28, 2016  •  0
by: PanahonTV/NDBC Radyo Bida/Happy FM
The long weekend is here! As most of you visit your deceased loved ones, or take advantage of the long weekend to go on a vacation, be extra careful while travelling on the..

TIPS: Driving Safe in Wet Weather

Sat Aug 20, 2016  •  0
by: PanahonTV
After the scorching heat of the previous months, rain showers and thunderstorms are now taking center stage. Apart from risks to our health, the rainy season also poses threats for those on the..

How to get rid of rats at home

Tue Feb 23, 2016  •  0
by: Admin
Sprinkle ..

How to remove ink from clothes

Mon Feb 8, 2016  •  0
by: Admin
Helpful household tip..

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

Mon Feb 1, 2016  •  0
by: Admin
Removing chewing gum from clothes..

How to whiten white clothes

Sun Jan 31, 2016  •  0
by: Admin
Lemon wonders..

"Undas" safety tips from PNP

Wed Oct 28, 2015  •  0
by: From PNP website
A public safety reminder from PNP..

Driving tips in hazy conditions

Fri Oct 23, 2015  •  0
by: Edwin Fernandez
Over the past week, Mindanao has been under threat from haze courtesy of our Indonesian neighbor.In addition to caring for our respiratory system as advised by our health experts, drivers should..