Tuesday Sep, 26 2023 10:17:20 AM

Driving tips in hazy conditions

Edwin Fernandez

Over the past week, Mindanao has been under threat from haze courtesy of our Indonesian neighbor.In addition to caring for our respiratory system as advised by our health experts,drivers should take extra care when cruising on the road.Below are some tips on driving in hazy conditionsand Turn on fog lights (if equipped) -Fog lights differ from driving lights in the way they project the light. The beam projected by fog lights is usually wide and flat so that it stays close to the road surface and minimises reflection by the haze. They also better illuminate the sides of the road. Keep a wider distance from the vehicle in front -Increase your count distance by five seconds instead of the normal two seconds behind another vehicle. Do not speed. Use your low beams -The visibility in front of you will decrease sharply in hazy condition. The light from high beam headlights will be reflected by the thick haze. Image result for driving during haze conditions tips sand//encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbnandANd9GcSHecyYS2z-ZPWrkIf62a5Bj-96R8wXZC3kQFRp3gEMe-iYewcp Do not let your car drift -There's a natural tendency to wander into the middle of the road when visibility gets bad. Be sure to keep yourself in your lane. Seek assistance from front passenger, if you have one -Ask your passengers to help keep an eye out for oncoming cars and obstacles on the road. Use the right edge of the road as a guide -This can help you avoid running into oncoming traffic or being blinded by oncoming headlights. Never turn on hazard lights - This will confuse the drivers behind you or in front of you whether you will turn left or right. Slow down -Distance is hard to judge and low visibility delays reaction time. Do not apply the brakes in panic - you may get hit from behind. Avoid overtaking . Turn on the wipers and defroster so that the front windscreen is clear. Keep the music system turned off . Ambient sounds of traffic can be used as a guide in poor visibility conditions. When you can't see ahead - U se the central verge of the roadto guide you. Honk periodically to let other drivers know you are there. Avoid stopping on the most traveled portion of the road . You could become the first in chain collision.Drive safely and pray that hazy days will go away soon.

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