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UBJP Sec. Gen. Sinarimbo explains party decision on VP Robredo

NDBC BANTAY HALALAN 2022 • 19:45 PM Mon Apr 25, 2022
Edwin O. Fernandez
UBJP Presidentia dn MILF chair Ahod "Kagi Murad" Ebrahim raises the hands and endorsed VP Leni Robredo's presidential bid. (UBJP photo)
UBJP Presidenti and MILF chair Ahod "Kagi Murad" Ebrahim raises the hand and endorsed VP Leni Robredo's presidential bid. (UBJP photo)

Official statement of UBJP Sec. Gen. Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo on party stance endorsing VP Robredo: 

The United Bangsamoro Justice Party, a political party organized by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, endorsed today Leni Robredo as its Presidential candidate for the May 9, 2022 elections. The Vice President visited Camp Darapanan today where a simple program proclaiming her as the candidate of the UBJP for President was held followed by a Press Conference which we facilitated.

The decision of the leadership to formally endorse Leni Robredo as the party's candidate was arrived at after a long and careful deliberation including the policy of inviting Presidential candidates to visit the UBJP leadership to present their agenda or platform of government to include their position and policy on the Bamgsamoro Peace process and the implementation of the Peace Agreement it signed with the government. Of the several presidential candidates, only Isko Moreno and Robredo visited the leadership of the UBJP/MILF and presented their plans and commitments on the Bangsamoro peace process. The other candidates never visited nor presented their policy or platform of government viz-a-viz the Bangsamoro Peace Process.

In the case of presidential candidate Leni Robredo, she engaged the leadership of the UBJP/MILF several times and at several levels.

More importantly, she visited the leadership of the party and the MILF on two occasions and her team held several engagements with us. Beyond this, and perhaps, what sets her apart from the other candidates, is that she SIGNED a Declaration of Commitment to Faithfully Comply with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bamgsamoro and Address the Remaining Gaps in the Transition Period. This Declaration was delivered to the leadership of the UBJP. On the basis of this and after stringent deliberations, the leadership arrived at a PRINCIPLED stand to formally endorse Leni Robredo as its candidate for President in this year's election.

This is a principled stand and we will fight for it with the same resolve as those who earlier laid their lives for the Bangsamoro Cause. It is a principled decision which augurs well with the principles and policies advocated, nay, lived by candidate Leni Robredo.

Just after today's proclimation, I received a call from an unknown number. When I answered my mobile phone, this man told me that he is calling from Kolong-Kolong in faraway Palimabang and that his name is Haji Ding Intik. He apologized for disturbing me even though I do not personally know him, but that he cannot help but express his gratitude for what he called a historic principled STAND that we took today in proclaiming our support to the candidacy of Leni Robredo and not somebody else. He explained to me that he is a native resident of Kolong-Kolong in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat where the infamous Tacbil Mosque massacre was committed against a thousand Muslims-men, women, and children during the dark days of Martial Law. He cannot hold his emotions, and in a cracking voice told me to please extend to the leadership of the UBJP and the MILF his profoundest gratitude and how proud he is of the decision taken today in Camp Darapanan.

This, indeed, is a proud moment for the Bangsamoro. For a long time, we have not seen leaders taking a principled position during elections. Today, we can all be proud like Bapa Haji Ding Intik that we can take a principled decision for our people and not just for the sake of advancing our petty selfish political interest.

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