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Cardinal OBQand I appeal to every one to work and pray for peace in our region

Church • 07:07 AM Sun Mar 27, 2016
Edwin O. Fernandez

COTABATO CITY – The country’s second working Cardinal and Mindanao’s first has urged all Catholic faithful and all other faiths to be peace advocates and peace makers. May I addressed this Eater Message to everyone of goodwill, Muslims, Christians, Lumads, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists, etc,” His Eminence Orlando Cardinal B. Quevedo, OMI, DD, has addressed in his Easter Sunday Message. We have different beliefs. Christians believe, for example, that Jesus is God who became man, who died and rose from the dead. Muslims believe that Jesus is only a prophet, was not crucified and did not rise from the dead. To be friends does not mean we must all have the same beliefs. To be friend means to treat one another with understanding and kindness, share with one another, and live together in peace and harmony – despite differences of beliefs,” he said. Cardinal Quevedo said the message of the Risen Christ is Peace. This is how he greed his Apostles. Peace be with you. It is also a greeting of Muslims. I am sure that other religions have similar greeting,” he said. At Easter then, Cardinal Quevedo said, I appeal to everyone of good will to heed the Message of Peace, to remove biases and prejudices, hatred and animosities. I appeal to everyone to work and pray for peace in our region, to be true brothers and sisters to one another for we all belong to God who created us all.” This is my blessing for all. A blessed Easter to you.” (Edwin O. Fernandez)

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